Diamonds are considered a girl’s best friend but sometime’s a female must part with her precious stones in order to sell them for a profit. Diamnond selling is on the rise. The demand for these precious stones is being fueled by newly weds in India and China who are looking for diamond rings to make their marriages official. Also, many commercial diamond buyers are looking to make a profit off of buying diamonds. They too are also increasing the demand for these precious stones.

Diamonds sellers are letting go of their rocks in order to make some cash. Most diamond sellers are women who have been recently divorced. Many divorced women turn to selling their diamonds in order to make some money to cover their bills, pay off debts or to forget about the love that they had just lost.

Know what your Diamond is Worth before you Sell

Selling Diamond Jewelry for a ProfitWhen a person decides to sell a diamond they should have some idea about how the process works. The first thing that they should do is get their diamond appraised in order to get the best price for their gem. They should visit an unbiased diamond appraiser to get an estimate. A good diamond appraiser would be an individual who does not buy or sell diamonds.

Diamond sellers should also remember the Four C’s of diamonds are critical to the buying or selling process. They include cut, color, clarity and carat-weight. These four attributes will affect the price of their stones. Diamond sellers can also visit a pawn shop to have their piece appraised if they are not able to find a diamond appraiser. Many high end jewelry stores usually have one appraiser on staff. People should also visit at least two or three different places in order to get an accurate price for their diamond.

Competitively Price the Stone

People who plan on selling their diamond should competitively price their stone. Once they do this they will be able to sell their diamond for the right amount of money.
Know where to Sell your Diamond.

There are two primary markets for diamond sellers and they include private and commercial buyers. Private buyers are individuals looking to purchase diamonds to use or to sell for jewelry and in some cases to resell for a profit. Private diamond buyers must be closely evaluated in order to make sure that they are not crooks. It is strongly recommended that people use a third party service to find buyers in order to help find serious and reputable buyers.

Commercial buyers are retail or industry organizations that are looking for diamonds. Their purpose for wanting to find diamonds is to resell them for a profit as well. Businesses who buy diamonds for this purpose can be checked out by visiting the the Better Business Bureau or the American Gem Society to figure out if they are a good organization or not. Sellers should also keep in mind that industry or commercial buyers are looking to make a profit and will not try to pay them top dollar for their gems. Some haggling or negotiating might be necessary in order to complete a sale.

Diamond Consignment Sellers

Another option for selling a diamond is to hire a third party service in order to get rid of the piece. There are businesses that will sell diamonds to the public for people for a fee. Their fee is generally 25% to 40% of the sale. This method takes the hassle out of trying to get rid of diamonds from inexperienced sellers.

The final thing that diamond sellers must be ready to do when selling their precious gems is to make sure that they want to let go of them. Selling a diamond is not a difficult thing to do once a person understands the selling process.